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The majority of the clients I see are women experiencing a transition in life. Sometimes this looks like the end of a relationship, feeling stuck in a career, or not really being sure where to go next but knowing it is time to make a change. I specialize in working with women who are experiencing change within the context of reproductive health. I see women struggling with infertility, experiencing the grief of miscarriage or other perinatal loss, and transitioning into the phase of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting. I love supporting women during these times of their lives that feel so vulnerable. The women I see often feel unsupported in their grief or transition by the culture we live in so I try to hold space for them to experience whatever it is they need to experience to feel safe and to heal.

Instead of using a “one-size-fits-all” protocol with my clients, I take a relational approach. This means that I really get to know who you are as a person and draw from your strengths in my treatment approach. Each one of us is different and we all have different needs when it comes to therapy. I collaborate with my clients to tailor therapy to their current needs. I truly work with my clients to both gain insight into behaviors that might be getting in their way, as well as to find acceptance with who they are as a person.

I often see clients struggling anxiety, fear, depression, trauma, guilt, low self-esteem, isolation, challenging relationships, and difficulty with boundaries. Through collaborating with them we quickly get on a path towards healing. I incorporate mindfulness, self-compassion, cognitive behavioral techniques, internal family systems, interpersonal neurobiology, the Enneagram, and body-oriented psychotherapy in my practice.

Research shows that the most important thing to a successful outcome in therapy is the relationship between the therapist and client. This is evident in the way I work with my clients as my first focus is to establish a relationship where my clients they feel safe, understood, and have someone to connect with who accepts them for who they are. They often end up seeing therapy as a place where they can be vulnerable, find relief, and make steps towards living more authentically and more at peace.  I find it an honor and privilege to partner with my clients on their journeys towards growth and healing and hope to help them find a place of empowerment and acceptance.